Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kentucky Traveler

I get a call from Eugene in Chicago saying that they have a buddy in need of a place to stay on his way through Colorado. I asked if he was "ok" and Eugene proceded to tell me this kid's story. I said hell yeah, he can stay with me, the only catch is I'm in the process of moving out of my place. I get a call from Brad and meet him at a gas station close to one of the shops I hang out at and where he will be keeping his bike while in town. It's dumping cats and dogs, but this kid sticks out like a sore thumb. I walk up to Brad and give him a welcoming Colorado hug and tell him to start his bike, we're only a few blocks away from the Speedmetal. We get to the shop and I introduce Brad to the guys. Later he told me that from riding 300 miles in the pouring rain, he doesn't even remember meeting the guys and going to get food later that day. I took Brad out around Denver, showed him cool shit, even got in a car accident on out way to a metal show(not my fault by the way). The guys at Speedmetal let him fix up his bike there and even gave him a new 21 to replace the dry rotting one. I think Brad is an ispiration to a lot of people, including myself. So many of us make excuses for not doing what we actually want to do, just ride. Brad, you are more than welcome back in Colorado. And to all those other travelers going across the states, all you have to do is ask a friend if they know someone in the town your passing through. Beats the shit out of stinkin' and sleeping under picnic tables at rest stops, plus you might just make a new friend.


  1. Met that dude in Louisville right when he got that shovel done. badass