Thursday, March 1, 2012

AMCA meet in Fremont Nebraska

It was a pretty cold and windy weekend out in Fremont, NE, but the cool bikes and people made up for it. I was happy to meet up with the Olsen group, Leonard and Guy and some of the old dudes. There were some pretty neat bikes in the show, cool old parts in the swap meet and after a few years of apprenticing to become a field judge, I received my judges card. I got to judge a '47 Knuck, '39 Knuck and a '23 Excelsior Henderson.

New kid on the block

I met Ryan about a year ago and the whole time I've known him he's been talking about getting a bike. Most of the time I blow it off as just another person talking about it and never doing it. Well I'm stoked to say he has a bike now. He's cleaning it up and rebuilding a few things on his own so far. I wish you luck Ryan and safe travels!