Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Photos

Here's a few pictures from my parents photo albums.
Top- Uncle Bob's Panhead on the right.
Middle- A friends WLA.
Bottom- A Sporty with a big twin trans in front of the Dealership my Dad worked at.

Hair Feathers

Purple Passion

Justin's scoot.


The names Devil, Satan and Lucifer were associated with manufacturing motorcycles.

True or False?
Yep. Lucifer on top, Devil on the bottom. Couldn't find any pictures of Satan.

Another Pan Project

We picked up this peach in Davenport. To keep stock or to chop? That is the question. Any thoughts?

For sale

Maybe. Make me an offer. whiskeyspud@comcast.net

Tank Day

I bought this turtle tank in Davenport this year for a great price. It's in very good condition, has original emblems and is clean inside. Another bonus, I can ride for way longer without having to get gas. I'll be running this on my sporty.

All stacked up

John Wayne says...

Go suck your own dick pilgram.
You should've been there last night.
Dude said he had done it before, so we threw down $100 and said panties down, peepees in.
He failed, but it made for jokes all night long.

Break Time

Ryan and Bacon

Sturgis Bound


Dad meet Roadside, Roadside meet my Dad.
Sturgis '10


My buddy Ryan is a total ruler. He hung out with my family and I, and fit right in. Pics taken on our way to Sturgis this year.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Salton Sea. Salvation Mountain. Slab City '09

Jimi Hendrix - VooDoo Child (live)

Thank Dad for turning me on to good music at an early age. This song is still blowing my mind years later.

Running from the storm

Sturgis '09
Picture taken by Josh Kurpius

Throw Back

My Ma and Grandpa back in the day.

4th of July

Dad, Bacon and I.