Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye Yellow Bordello

Some close friends of mine live in a huge house called the "Yellow Bordello", rightly named for once being a whore house back in the day. The crew continued living in this house, now rent free, after the landlord was arrested last year for God knows what. Squatting's biggest downfall is random eviction. They have to be out in a few days, so we have been saying "Ok, tonight is the last night, let's fuck shit up.". The mess and destruction keeps getting bigger and more pungent to the nose. I wish I had a picture of me standing on the counter throwing old booze bottles at the old radiator..or busting an old t.v. with golf clubs..or breaking tables and furniture. Goodbye Yellow Bordello. You will be missed. And yes, that is part of the staircase in the wall.

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