Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It was the first night all the kids were in Davenport. I had already dipped into my jug of whiskey when the guys thought it would be a good idea to hit the town bars and strip club. Great I thought, count me out, I've been drinking and I can't ride. Ahh Ha!! Stroke of genius! I'll just ride on the back of Rod's bike! The one with a ribbed rear fender, no seat and no passenger pegs! So off we go and BAM! One little dip in the grass that sends that ribbed fender right into my little tailbone. I immediately got off the back and hobbled towards Warren and asked nicely if I could ride on the back of his king and queen seat. I knew something was wrong because even though that seat had six inches of padding, my ass still hurt. Needless to say the rest of the time I spent in Davenport, I stood up. After Rod and I were done judging Sunday afternoon, we hopped on our bikes and headed towards Milwaukee for Dave Cook's Annual Cookout. Lifting my bike up and putting my feet on the pegs was a work out. You know when you're in your car and you see a little bump in the road and feel it a little bit, well imagine feeling it on a motorcycle going 80mph with a busted tailbone. I've been through some tough shit and pain in my life, but this was absolutely the worst. By the time we got to Milwaukee, I wanted to dump my bike and never look at it again. Instead, I decided to get some liquid medication and take my mind off my tailbone by hanging out with friends. From Milwaukee, I had to ride down to Chicago and meet up with my Dad at my Aunt's house. Ahh Ha! Another stoke of genius! I'll make a donut seat on my bike like those old geezers use for hemorrhoids! Best invention ever! That little blanket attached to my seat with electrical tape literally saved my ass and made the trip more enjoyable. Rod and I whizzed in and out of traffic without a care in the world. We got to my Aunt's house and shoved my bike in the back of my Dad's truck. The next day, my Dad and I headed back to Colorado where I had a doctor appointment. Good thing I didn't break it, it was only severely bruised. Every now and then I can feel a twinge of pain, just a small price to pay to the Motorcycle Gods.

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