Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sturgis 2010

Sturgis. Everytime I say the word I get a vision of the letters with tiny sparkles and moon beams all around it. For me, Sturgis is a magical place with an idea of freedom with my family and friends. Over the years it has gotten better and better, getting further away from the main stream of downtown. Two years ago I got a taste of absolute freedom at The Broken Spoke Campground and I haven't looked back. We have all come together and carved out a niche at a place called the Limpnickie Lot, away from the doo rags, fingerless gloves, fat tires and pre-ripped Sturgis t-shirts. We are pretty much allowed to do whatever we want, whenever we want, with the exception of human sacrifices. I look forward all year to seeing old friends and anticipate the new antics of what we come up with. Potato guns, moonshine, fireworks, burnouts, swimming pools, riding with friends and razzing the outsiders, this is what I live for.

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