Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is Jo Giavannoni in '78 with her rigid, stroker Sporty. She was one of the owners of Harley Women Magazine. She worked with my Dad at Villa Park HD and ran in the same crowd for many years. As far back as I can remember, I've always looked up to her and the other women that rode with her(That means you Hell Riders!). It was hard for women to be respected as riders that worked on their own bikes and it still is today. For women like us, this isn't a novelty or a photo opportunity to look like a greasy pin-up. This is our life and we deserve our respect too.


  1. F'kin A... your absolutely right...

  2. i remember jo as well. i never had that attitude. jeri used to go to sturgis in the 80's with me all the time on her 74" 1980 xls. bike wouldn't mellow out till you reached over a buck. she'd ride 100 miles @100mph and step rite up to the bar. jer can ride and never a complaint from the guys. everybody told her, she can ride with them anytime and that was the time when guys really didn't dig chicks riding. now she rides a 72 fx and she also works on her own stuff. and she was rite there till the wee hrs helping on my 38 and 41. now thats cool in my book and she knows her shit. :)