Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fuck you primary

My primary was giving me a little trouble, or should I say I wasn't paying attention when I took it apart. I just couldn't understand why my primary chain adjuster was laying there limp instead of doing what it was supposed to. I had all the parts in front of me, shop guide, but not an open mind. I kept looking at everything and scratching my head. I even called Bacon out in California for help. He kept talking about something that goes underneath the primary. I got off the phone and kept scratching me head. Poof!! I fucking got it! This one bolt with a copper washer didn't fit anywhere so I tried it in this hole in the bottom of the primary. Fuck yeah, it fit! So, moral of the story, pay attention when you're taking shit apart, it will save you time when you're ready for it to go back together.

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