Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's a small world

I get an e-mail from Gen Ishii from Japan today saying hi, how are you, do remember me and so on. I first saw Gen in Davenport at the AMCA judging day. I was stoked to see a younger guy interesting in judging too. I got my friend Rod interested in apprentice judging, so after that was all finished, we hopped on our bikes and headed for Milwaukee. Somewhere in Illinois, Rod ran out of gas. Just our luck, it happened to be close to a gas station with a downhill off ramp. I get into the gas station first but leave my bike running. My generator light was on and I didn't want to chance not having it start. An older man walks up to me and I recognize him from the Judging Meet I was just at. He offered me a sandwich and we walked back over to their trailor where his friends were. We chatted for a while and I met their crew and that's when I met Gen Ishii. I really enjoyed my time spent at that random gas station where I met some new friends. Even smaller world, my Dad pulls up in his truck and just happens to know some of the people I had just met. I really enjoy random encounters like this. Hopefully I will see Gen and the rest of the crew at Davenport this year. Thank you for the pic you took of our bikes!

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