Monday, July 19, 2010

Lori Hell Rider

Lori and a few of her friends from Chicago came out to Colorado to ride around for a couple of days. I was on my way up north to my folks house to meet up with Lori when I see a few bikes all packed and with Illinois plates. Get the fuck outta here. What are the chances that I'm cruisin' down the highway at the same time these guys are? So I'm driving right next to Lori for a mile or so watching her stuff her face with peanuts and drinkin' water before she looks over and recognizes me. They followed me up to my folks house which is about 40 miles north of Denver in the heart of farm country. I hung out for a bit and had to head back to Denver to go to work. Later that night Lori met up with me at the bar where I work. I sweet talked the other 'tender into letting me get out early so I could hang with her. I took her to my favorite bar in Denver. Some people like dive bars, but this is beyond that, it's a shit hole. Not many places still around that depending on how well the bartender knows and likes you determines the price. The jukebox is full of David Allen Coe, Steppenwolf, The Allman Brothers and so on. There's cockroaches that run across the floor around the cigarette butts that you smoke in the back pool room. The ceiling leaks when it rains, there's one main bathroom which is used for 3 things, pissin', screwin' and excessive drug use. Anyway Lori followed me with her bike to the bar and fell in love with it. We hung out, she got to meet some of my friends, drink a few brews and share a few laughs before she had to hit the road again. I hope to see her in Sturgis and Davenport this year.

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