Sunday, March 21, 2010

California Dreamin' 09

The Salton Sea.
Salvation Mountain

Slab City.
Some of the weirdest shit I've seen in my life. If you've been there, you know it's as if you've just stepped on the set of Road Warrior. Go check it out if you ever have the chance.

Party Pants and Hooch


I think I found the culprit that made my generator go bad. One of the brush holders was pinched a little on one side not allowing the brush to spring back and fourth.
New brushes.

Going back together.

New coat of spray paint.

After sandblasting.

Testing the new armiture.

I cleaned up the parts in the solvent tank.

Old armiture

It was really dirty and stunk inside.

Before I took it apart.

This past week I took my generator down to Canon City to see if they could re-build it for me. Much to my suprise and delight Mike asked me if I'd like to learn to do it. It took me 5 hours but I'm pretty stoked I did it myself. Too bad I forgot to take a picture after it was put back together

Milwaukee '09

Stick and poke in Milwaukee

Friday, March 12, 2010

Old picture of the day.

My Dad, Mom, their friend and my Uncle Bob arriving at a friends wedding. Late 70's.

Hey Teach!

This pic is for you! My Dad took it when he was taking pics of me and my new toolbox. He says, "Teach want a knuck?"

So my 25th birthday was on Friday March 5th. Had fun.
Saturday I went out to dinner with my folks and they told me they got me something too big to bring with them. Ok, whatever, kinda brushed it off.
Later that night had a soul music birthday party for myself. Way too much fun.
Few days later get really sick from food or flu. Not so much fun.
Today I go visit my Dad. Yea!!!
He tells me to come out to the garage. I think ooh, new parts or something.
Holy crap-ola!!! They got me a tool box for my birthday! I nearly cried and peed myself with excitement.
I have the best family in the world. I'm sure of it.
Now to fill it with tools....

Taking the valves and springs out of the same WL we fixed the cracks on.

I vee'd out the cracks of the front motor mount where the generator sits. After that, Mike welded them back up. I took the porting tool and got rid of the excess weld so it was all flush. Pretty neat huh!

Takin' a quick break from working on my Dad's '51 last summer. Mom, you know the way to my heart, a glass of whiskey with an umbrella.
I look forward to Sturgis every year, even more than my birthday or Christmas. This year I've been looking at the calendar even more than usual because in '09 I met some of the most amazing people and look forward to seeing them again. The snow is melting in Colorado and I'm antsy more than ever to get out on the road. To all of my new friends, I'll see you soon.

Hangin' in Sturgis

Me, Bacon and my Dad

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Working on Dad's '57.